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Infini.to – Planetarium of Turin, Museum of Astronomy and Space

Infini.to was established on the hills around Pino Torinese on September the 27th, 2007, as a centre to teach and popularize Astronomy and Space Physics. By adopting modern interactive exhibition techniques, we offer visitors the most up-to-date knowledge of the Universe. In addition to the Museum’s collection, you can view shows at the Digital Planetarium, follow guided tours, in-depth study itineraries and engage in scientific experiments by participating in our workshops.

Currently Infini.to has become a hallmark in the Piedmontese Region and enjoys strong contacts with the most important Italian and international centers. Universities, research bodies and companies have joined our network in carrying out our mission: to communicate Astronomy to the general public. Science communicators & popularizers with experience in education and training work at Infini.to.


Passion for the knowledge and promotion of scientific method carachterize every activities, for children and adults, of Infini.to and its Staff.


Infini.to is managed by the Association ApritiCielo (Heavens Above) whose members are the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF), the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) , the University of Turin, the Region Piedmont, the Metropolitan City of Turin and the City of Pino Torinese.

The Association is based in Pino Torinese (Turin), in Via Osservatorio, 30.

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The ApritiCielo Association wants to inspire young people and the whole community to understand the Universe, sharing and illuminating the fascinating path of knowledge of Research activities in Astrophysisl and Space Science.

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