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The interactive museum. Hands on: do, make and learn: you are the Star

The interactive Astronomy and Space Museum of Infini.to is a modern Science Centre where you can experience science in person and learn more about astronomy.

Hands on and getting involved are the hallmarks of our Museum, where knowledge is absorbed first and foremost through our sense organs, and only then becomes the object of an explanation and thought.
Starting from the ground floor and going downstairs, you will delve deeper and deeper into the secrets of the Universe, retracing the key steps in the history of Astronomy, investigating the expanding Universe, touching on its most mysterious aspects: from the Big Bang theory to Black Holes.


Groundfloor 0

What is the Universe?
What is the meaning of the Moon, the Sun, all the stars and planets that we can see with the naked eye?
Where do we position ourselves in the Cosmos?

Hypatia, the first woman scientist and astronomer who lived in Alexandria (Egypt) in the 4th century AD, welcomes you to the Museum and tells you about the ancients and sky observation.

The adventure begins.

Floor -1

How do we observe the Universe today?
What methods to study the sky?
How & when did Astronomy become a science?

Observe the sky and the objects that populate it using different frequencies, looking into the visible and the invisible. Find out how fast light travels and compare observational instruments used to study the sky. Before going to the next floor, board our planetary spaceship and set off on a journey into space.

An adventure where the human eye is the real star.

Explore floor -1

Introduction to floor -1

A mirror on the Moon

The atmosphere

Cosmic transmissions

The electromagnetic spectrum

Seeing temperature

Orange wheels

Space exploration

Going to floor -2

Floor -2

How does the Universe work?
What are the forces that form and move celestial objects?

Experience the thrill of jumping on the Moon and rotating around the Sun, face to face with the Law of Gravity.

The journey becomes more and more amazing as it progresses.

Explore floor -2

Introduction to floor -2

The skaters’ secret

Pedalling in the Solar System



The gravity funnel

Polar aurora

From a sphere to a disc


How heavy is it?

Jumping on the Moon

Exibition: 7 times 10.000

Floor -3

How is the Universe evolving?
What is its story and how will it end?
How are planets, stars and galaxies born and how do they die?

Travel to the Milky Way, stepping on a starry field, mesmerized by cosmic mirages and play with dark matter and dark energy discovering the possible futures of our Universe.

An unusual and fascinating journey.

Explore floor -3

Introduction to floor -3

All at one point

Big Bang

Deforming spacetime


Pedalling through the galaxies

Cosmic mirages

Fossil traces from the Big Bang


Cosmic shower


Exhibition: Shiny mattang

Good bye from Infini.to!

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