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Through their five senses, humans explore the universe around and calls this adventure Science.
Hedwin Hubble

If we are passionate about research, popularization never ceases to stimulate our imagination: every day we strive to offer shows, scientific updates, depictions of the Cosmos in increasingly participated formats.

We are not alone in this experience: many share the spirit of adventure, the love for knowledge and the joy of sharing with us. These include companies and individuals who have chosen to support the Project, supporting it in different ways.

Do you love astrophysics? Do the great questions of science thrill you? If so support, it will be a bit like working with us.

Support us


We create a membership program for all the people: one for the schools, one for the families and one for the people who love the sky. Every membership can be totally digital with activities online.


If you live and work in Italy you can destinate your 5×1000 to the Associazione Apriticielo to help us.


We operate in the Museum and Planetarium, but that’s not all. Projects enable us to go into the community, to meet people and share our values and ideals.

Friends of the Planetarium

Becoming Friends of the Planetarium means taking part in a great workshop of culture, sharing’s aims and keep a constant dialogue with the public. Everyone can join Friends of the Planetarium: young people, families, teachers, associations and companies and their co-workers.


Cooperation with companies supports us in developing science programs, renew exhibition areas and create new shows in the Planetarium.


Are you interested? Contact us writing to the Communication Office.