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What you can do at Infini.to

Health emergencies have changed how you can experience both the Museum and the Planetarium. We have made your visit to Infini.to safe and pleasant, and ask you to understand that changes are only temporary and dictated by the current situation.

Discover, Explore, Enjoy

Infini.to is a special place, where the Cosmos will come alive through your experience, emotions, and in the shows: having fun is the best way to learn and to feed your passions. Infini.to houses an interactive Astronomy and Space Museum and a digital Planetarium. The Museum is on four levels, where you can experiment with the laws that govern the Universe. Inside the Planetarium, a sphere reproduces the structure of a red supergiant star, and you will find a wealth of shows for visitors of all ages. Every corner of Infini.to adds to the knowledge of the extraordinary adventure that Space exploration & travel have meant for humans, ever since they began studying it, raising their eyes to the sky. 

Discover the installations immersing yourself, enjoy a break at the Star Coffee House, mark the dates of stargazing or observation by night, events, exhibitions, courses and workshops: Infini.to will quench you thirst for knowledge with the support of our Scientific Staff who interpret science for the general public by communicating & popularizing it, the mission of our centre. The lay-out of our multi-tiered architecture echoes that of celestial bodies and astrophysical phenomena, and in our museum you will see the sky, planets and feel the depths of the Cosmos. Their fascination knows no boundaries, just like the Museum. Enjoy your visit!

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