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Permanent exhibition


“Seven times 10000 – From your room to the borders of the Universe.”
Do you want to get an idea of the immensity of the universe?
Take a measure familiar: the height of your room.

Take a familiar measure: the height of your room.
Let’s say it’s 4 m. With 7 multiplications by 10 000 you will reach beyond the boundaries of the Universe.
Surprised? Remember that each step is 10 000 times longer than the previous one…
What it is actually surprising is that each multiplication coincides with a significant milestone.
The first takes you into the stratosphere; the second on the Moon; the third to the most distant planet from the Sun; the fourth to the nearest star; the fifth to the size of the Milky Way; the sixth to clusters of galaxies; the seventh thrusts you into the unknown. Just leave your room and you can observe the Earth from the stratosphere.

These are 13 photos, from the Amazon rainforest to Dubai: looking down on our planet helps to understand the mistakes that humanity is making. There are 11 pictures of the Moon, 7 of the Solar system, 5 of the nearest stars… At each step the number of pictures decreases: a way to understand that the more distant an object is the more difficult to know it is. The seventh stage has just one image.

So: 13, 11, 7, 5, 3, 2, 1. To finish with a game: what is the secret of these numbers?

Temporary exhibitions

The museum offers temporary exhibitions that complement and enhance the Museum’s permanent collection and offer new opportunities for discussion on different topics of astrophysics and space physics, but also insights on cross-cutting themes that blend science and art.

Rosetta, the Comet Chaser, the Italian Space Agency (2015)

Pulsar – Art and music from Space, Roberta Furno by Arteco (2014)

The end of the world: tips for the aftermath, BasicNet in collaboration with the participation of Thales Alenia Space and Project GLEAMviz (2013)

History of the Astronomical Telescope (2013)

Photo exhibition, Stefano De Rosa (2011)

Movements of the Moon, Edoardo Romagnoli (2009)

Stones falling from the sky, in collaboration with the Regional Museum of Natural Sciences (2008)