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The interactive museum is situated on four levels.

Start from the ground floor and descend, entering deeper and deeper into the secrets of the Universe.

A journey that covers the basic astronomical discoveries from ancient civilizations to today: the expansion of the Universe to the Big Bang theory, from the cosmic background radiation to black holes.

Ipazia, Galileo, Lagrange, Hubble, Einstein, some of the most important scientists, take the visitor on a journey that runs through the fundamental astronomical discoveries, from the measurement of the Earth’s circumference by Eratosthenes to the last image of the Universe sent by the Planck satellite.


What is the Universe?

What is the significance of the Moon, the Sun, all the stars and planets that we can see with the naked eye?

And what is our place in the cosmos?

On the Floor 0 there is a First look at the sky that evokes questions that ancient people tried to answer to by simply observing the sky with the naked eye. The results were often surprising for their precision and brilliance.

The adventure begins.

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How do we observe the Universe today?

What methods can we study the sky with?

How did astronomy become a science?

Going down to the floor -1, you see how and which methods we use to study the sky, in order to observe the Visible and the Invisible.

An adventure in which the emphasis is on the human eye.

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How does the Universe work?

Which are the forces that shape and move objects in the sky?

At floor -2 you can put your hands on science and discover how the Universe works by experiencing the forces that rule the heavenly bodies.

The journey becomes more and more surprising.

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How does the universe evolve?

What is its history and which will it end?

How do planets, stars and galaxies form and disappear?

Floor -3 tells the evolution of cosmological thought, from an immutable and eternal universe of the ancient people to the Expanding Universe of modern astrophysics.

Unusual, fascinating experiences.

Explore the floor -3