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  • The ticket office closes one hour before the museum closes.
  • You must must to the instructions on the museum signs to allow orderly visits and a proper use of the interactive stations.
  • Please follow the directions of the Museum staff and in case of need or specific requests, please refer only to the Museum staff.
  • Throughout the museum it is forbidden to smoke.
  • It is forbidden to bring food and drink into the Planetarium.
  • With the exception of guide dogs for blind people, no animals are allowed in the Museum.
  • Please turn down the ringtone of your mobile phone in order not to disturb other visitors.
  • Throughout the museum the staff is authorized to ask you to show your admission ticket; so please keep it safe until the end of the visit.


  • To take pictures and professional videos you must request in writing in advance the permission of the management of the Museum.
  • Photos and / or videos inside the Planetarium are not allowed.
  • holds all rights to reproduce images and videos of the Museum and its exhibits. Any type of reproduction, even partial, or use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without a written permission from the Museum.


  • Tours can be made only by the staff of the Museum.
  • Groups and schools have to book tours by phone at (+39) 011 8118740 or via email at
  • A group may be formed by a minimum of 15 paying people including adults and children.
  • Inside the museum it is forbidden to carry out any paid service without authorization.
  • Each group must indicate the name of a group leader. For schools the teachers are responsible for the group and must keep them united and ensure good behavior.
  • To respect participants of the guided tours, you can not join without prior acceptance, e.g. a receipt of payment for the guided tour.


  • Please adopt a correct behavior.
  • Adults are responsable for all the children. They should never be left alone in the Museum.
  • During the cutting of the cake children have to stay in the private room.
  • Parents who leave their sons to the party have to wait at the Ticket Office.
  • If parents who leave their sons to the party want to visit the Museum or access the Cafeteria, they have to buy the Museum ticket.