riconoscimenti a Infini.to


Most of the shows for the Planetarium were generated by staff of Infini.to.

The shows produced by Infini.to have already won three awards:


First place in the competition organized by the Association of Italian Planetaria (Planit) “Talking with the Stars“,  for “Mr. Palomar and the sky.”

Third Place DUG Award, senior category

Third place DUG Competition


First Place DUG Award senior category with the shows “Zoo in the Sky” (a show created for the kindergarten and the first years of primary school) and “Visions of the Sky“.


First Place DUG Award beginner category with the show “A magic lantern for the Planetarium“, created in collaboration with the National Museum of Cinema in Turin.


The DUG is the organization that brings together all the digital planetaria around the world who use the Digistar projection system, produced by Evans & Sutherland. It meets annually at one of the member planetaria and, on that occasion, planetaria participate in the competition by offering DUG Award shows of their own production. The award, organized by Evans & Sutherland, requires that the winning performances are available to everyone in the electronic library association.