About us was born in the hills of Pino Torinese September 27, 2007, as a center for teaching and dissemination of Astronomy and Space Physics. Adopting modern interactive exhibition techniques offers the public an advanced insight into our understanding of the Universe. In addition to the Museum collection you can see shows in the digital planetarium, take guided tours, specialized courses and engage in laboratories with scientific experiments.

Today it is a reality rooted in the territory of Piedmont and has contacts with the most important Italian and international centers. Added to these are university institutions, research institutes and companies that expand the network with which the Museum implements its mission: communicating astronomy to the general public. At the staff presenters are experienced in the field of education and training.


ApritiCielo is the association which manages, that is the Museum and Planetarium. It is composed of the National Institute of Astrophysics, National Institute of Nuclear Physics, University of Turin, Piedmont Regional Government, the Metropolitan City of Turin and the City of Pino Torinese.

The Association is based in Pino Torinese Via Observatory, 30.

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