attività al Museo e al Planetario di Torino


Weekends and holidays

On weekends, public holidays and during school holidays the Museum offers many different activities.

Check out the calendar of activities for proposals from is open Saturdays and Sundays from 2.30pm to 7.30pm (last admission 6.30pm); during the holiday has the same opening hours as the weekend.

Night observations


The Astronomical Park, composed of and the Astrophysical Observatory of Turin, organizes special evenings where you can observe the night sky on a virtual trip in the digital planetarium and a visit to the domes of the Astrophysical Observatory observing with the largest refracting telescope in Italy.
In case of bad weather the observation of the sky will be replaced with a tour of the Observatory domes.
In the Cafeteria of the Museum you can book a “Dinner with the stars.”

Check out the calendar of activities for the evening observations at the Astronomical Park.

National Planetarium Day

Since 1991 there is organized a national “Day of the Planetaria”. The event takes place simultaneously in the major Italian Planetaria on the Sunday preceding or following the spring equinox. participates every year in this initiative with a new show in the Digital Planetarium.

Check out the calendar of the day’s program.

European Museum Night

A new European Museum Night colors Turin and its hills. For the occasion opens its doors to the public by offering free admission to the Interactive Museum.
You can visit for free and use the interactive stations to trace the adventures of man to explore the Universe: a journey between planets, stars and blacks holes in search of the origins of the universe and the forces that regulate it.

During the evening there will be screened some shows in the digital planetarium. You can buy a ticket for this activity directly at the ticket office of the Museum.

Check out the calendar of the event program.

Researchers’ Night

ico_spazio_ai_bambini every year goes to the streets of Torino joining the initiative promoted by the European Commission that involves every year thousands of researchers and research institutions in all European countries. The goal is to create opportunities for interaction between researchers and citizens to spread scientific culture and research in an informal and stimulating way.

Check out the calendar of the next Researchers Night.


The museum offers temporary exhibitions that complement and enhance the Museum’s permanent collection and offer new opportunities for discussion on different topics of astrophysics and space physics.
At the moment this is the permanent exhibition “Seven times 10000 – from your room to the borders of the Universe.”

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Music and stars is a wonderful and encompassing marriage. In the past has hosted a rock concert under dancing planets, jazz concerts in the magical Museum atmosphere and classical music evenings.

Check out the calendar of the upcoming events.

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Astronomy on stage! The planetarium is a theater of the sky and the actors play to astronomy and reveal firsthand the fun and exciting history of the Universe.

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