Transit of Mercury

Event cancelled due to bad weather. invite you to the event on Monday, November 11th, for the Mercury transit across the Sun.

During the event you can visit the interactive Space Museum, attend the Planetarium show “Autumn Sky” , watch the transit through the solar telescope and listen to a detailed explanations of the transit

In case of bad weather, the direct observation of the sky will be replaced with a simulation in Planetarium

Mercury transit can be seen as a little black spot moving through the surface of the Sun. You can’t see the transit with naked eye, you have to use solar filter or a solar telescope.

Daily event.



Museum ticket is required:

FULL € 8,00
REDUCED € 6,00 for Children 6-18 years old, adults over 60, university students under 25 years with a Smart Card, groups of 15 or more people, affiliated organizations.
FREE for Children under 6 years old, disabled and their carers, Journalists and Torino+Piemonte Card.


No guided tours.

Reservation required untile monday, 11th at 10am:


Inside the Museum the Star Bar Coffee House, managed by the Cooperativa Patchanka (, offers visitors a cafeteria, snacks, delicatessen and snacks during the opening time.