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The history was born on the hills of Pino Torinese on September 27th, 2007. This institution is nowadays deeply-rooted in the Piedmont Region. It mantains relationships with the most important italian and international centers and collaborate with University, Research institutes and companies to fulfil its mission: communicating astronomy with the public. For this purpose has a team of experts in the field of science communication who are able to plan and realize daily activities, national and international projects.

The crown jewel of is its digital planetarium. Completely renovated in March 2013, it has one of the most advanced projection system in the world.

In the same year a new wing with classrooms was opened in the museum.

In October 2014 changed its offering to the public with a new exhibition. Astronomy and Astrophysics continuously evolve and so does, which is always up to date on the latest research frontiers and has evolved and changed face, renewing its content and its communication tools. Newly installed interactive stations use cutting-edge, spectacular, immersive and engaging communication techniques which let us deal with new and fascinating topics.


The structure evokes a celestial object that really exists: a binary system consisting of a red giant star and a black hole. The sphere that encloses the hall of the Planetarium is the star, while the crystal cone, leading from the floor down to the -3, reproduces  the astrophysical jet of a black hole located on the top floor of the Museum. The helicoidal ramps represent the gas that comes out from the giant star to be sucked into the black hole.

Funding Sources for the realization

Piedmont Region – Department of Culture
City of Pino Torinese
INAF (National Institute of Astrophysics) – Astrophysical Observatory of Turin
University of Turin
Compagnia di San Paolo
Fondazione CRT

Charter Members

Piedmont Region – Department of Culture
Province of Turin
City of Pino Torinese
INAF (National Institute of Astrophysics) – Astrophysical Observatory of Turin
University of Turin

Beinging of activities

Friday, September 27, 2007 was inaugurated and the management entrusted to the Association Apriticielo.



Planetario di Torino, Museo dell'Astronomia e dello Spazio.
Viaggi spaziali verso Marte,
simulazioni della forza di gravità
su Giove, visioni 3D dell’Universo
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