Sciences into History and Education International Colloquium

2016, September 30th


Time of meeting: 8.30 am – 6.15 pm

The Space Museum will be open to the public on time 9.30 am – 3.30 pm.



8.30 am Welcome, Registration and Help Desk

9.00 am Opening Acts by Ruling Authorities: Attilio Ferrari and Eleonora Monge


9.30 am

– Chairperson: Attilio Ferrari (Torino University, Italy)
Scientism and positivism revisited, Jean Dhombres (CNRS/CAK Paris, France) Abstract

– Chairperson: Attilio Ferrari (Torino University, Italy)
Paul de Saint-Robert—Principes de Thermodynamique, 1865, Raffaele Pisano (Lille 3 University, France) Abstract

Coffee break

12.00 pm Debate

Lunch braek


2.00 pm

– Chairperson: Massimo Ferrari (Torino University, Italy)
The Progress of Astronomy in the 19th Century, Attilio Ferrari (Torino University, Italy) Abstract

– Chairperson: Massimo Ferrari (Torino University, Italy)
Clausius’ Second Law and Entropy: Conceptual Joints Enhancing Sadi Carnot’s Thermodynamics, Emilio Pellegrino (Torino University, Italy) Abstract

Coffee Break

5.00 pm

Roundtable – Chairperson: Raffaele Pisano (Lille 3 University, France)
Exploring Changes in How Sciences , Education & Histories and Philosophies of Sciences Have Been Written and Taught
Invited Speakers: Jean Dhombres (France), Attilio Ferrari (Italy), Massimo Ferrari (Italy), Emilio Pellegrino (Italy), Raffaele Pisano (France) Abstract

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The event is FREE, until avilable.

Booking required mandatory here.

Conference languages: Italian, French, English.

Scientific Commitee:
Attilio Ferrari (Italy)
Massimo Ferrari (Italy)
Raffaele Pisano (France)

Organizian Committee:
Attilio Ferrari (Italy)
Massimo Ferrari (Italy)
Ennio Iannucci (Italy)
Gianfranco Medici (Italy)
Raffaele Pisano (France)

Partners: Associazione Paul de Saint Robert (Italy), AIF Latina (Italy), AIF Torino (Italy), AIF Mondovì (Italy), Comune di Castagnole delle Lanze (Italy)




Patronage: Italian-French University,, Dipartimento di Filosofia e Scienze dell’Educazione, Università degli Studi di Torino