Special projects

Stars Under 18

“Stars Under 18” is a project of peer education that involved the students of the Monti High School (Liceo Monti), some primary schools in the territory and The course provides training for the job of scientific presenter for a selected groups of high school students at The knowledge and skills learned during the course were then put into practice accompanying the elementary school children on a guided tour of the Museum lasting about an hour. The strengths of the project are many and range from pure education of astronomy, physics and mathematics, which are essential to guide visiting groups to the methodological training for a profession that requires not only knowledge but also skills of observation of the public, empathy, communication and the ability to improvise. The impact on the students are was not only related to increasing cultural experience but also to their personal growth. Even the elementary students, where the visits were conducted by their slightly older counterparts, benefit from this experience, noting how study and commitment can sometimes bear unexpected and gratifying fruit.

Il cielo in una classe

The project “The sky in a class” is the brainchild of a combined idea and an awareness: to understand phenomena and celestial objects one must manipulate them. A educational path between a school and the planetarium with a specific purpose: to provide students and their teachers a digital planetarium to realize original and unique shows.
The students involved were six classes of third level secondary school in Govone, Priocca and Diano d’Alba, their teachers, the staff and finally the families and communities of the territory. Over the course of a school year the course, began with the joint planning between teachers and staff, and led to specific training for teachers, curriculum work, class workshops, visits to the Planetarium with ongoing mentoring from the experts. The course work was completed in the presence of local authorities and families with the projection in the planetarium of the show designed by the students.

This project can be modified and adapted to new and different school situations.

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