Night at the Planetarium: June, 12

What is Night at the Planetarium?

The Night at the Planetarium is the opportunity to live a unique experience: spend a whole night in the Museum, explore the Astronomical Park and its beautiful domes, observe celestial objects with a telescope, be enchanted by the stories on the skies and the magical sky of the Planetarium. It is a special occasion when the Astronomical Park will be open and available to small curious astronomers for a whole night!

2015 event: Friday, June 12

Who is it aimed at?

The activity is aimed at children aged between 6 and 11 years.

Where do you sleep?

In special spaces set up on the floors of the museum and in the classrooms.

What to bring from home:

  • sleeping bag
  • camping mattress
  • pillow
  • items for personal hygiene (pajamas, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel and other useful material)
  • An anti-mosquito product
  • Clothes, comfortable shoes and rain coat
  • Flashlight (for use in the night exploration of the Museum and the sky observation activity)

When do you eat?

The activity starts at 20.30 and does not include dinner. There are included in the program a late night snack and breakfast.

How to participate:

Booking is essential.
Reservetion to


65 € for children.


At the time of booking a parent (guardian) of the child will be required to agree to the Regulations:

  • Participants in the activities are required to respect the times indicated.
  • By signing the authorization form for the participation of children activity, parents relieve the Association Apriticielo from any liability in respect of any accidents during the participation in the “Night at the Planetarium”, except when this is directly the responsibility of the Association.
  • By signing the provided form parents agree to possible recording of images and video footage during the “Night at the Planetarium.”
  • The Association disclaims any liability in case of theft or loss of personal effects.
  • Should it be necessary medical assistance, the Museum staff will immediately contact the Emergency Service 118.
  • The Museum staff are not authorized to administer any medication to the children, even if this is requested by prescription.
  • The Association shall not be held responsible for interruptions of the services provided that are due directly or indirectly to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure such as, for example and not exhaustive, actions of public authorities, weather conditions, fire, theft, accidents, strikes and lockouts, interruptions or overloads of water or electricity, breakdowns or interruptions of lines and installations attributable to the manager (or dealer) of the same, not attributable to or even beyond the control of the Association.