Moon and Beyond

Meeting with the lunar astronaut Charles Duke

Sunday 17 November, at 16.30, – Turin Planetarium organizes an event face to face with the tenth man who walked on the Moon: the astronaut CHARLES DUKE, Apollo 16 mission.

The event takes place at the Cavallerizza Reale in Turin, Via Giuseppe Verdi 9.

The event is free, by reservation.

Reservations are made through the Eventbrite platform

During the event, thanks to the collaboration with Asimof, it will be possible to closely observe a fragment of moonstone and, thanks to the collaboration with ZEISS Vision Care, a faithful reproduction of the camera used during the Apollo 11 mission.

Event organized under the patronage of the University of Turin, in collaboration with Reale Mutua, ZEISS and ADA; Partner Pearson  and ASIMOF; Media Partner La Stampa.