Weekend at Infini.to

Infini.to activities will be dedicated to the event 100 Hours of Astronomy, a celebration fot the 100th anniversary of International Astronomical Union, composed of a broad range of activities aimed at involving the public.


2.30 p.m. – 7.30 p.m
Last admission at 6.30 p.m.


3.30 p.m. Lights, sounds and colours of the sky (children 3-7)
4.15 p.m. Discovering the sky
5.00 p.m. Winter sky
5.30 p.m. Conferences IAU100
6.30 p.m. The Zodiac

Informations and trailers about Planetarium shows can be found here.

CONFERENCES IAU 100 Hours of Astronomy

In collaboration with Astrophysical Observatory of Turin – National Institute for Astrophysics and Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Astronomy and Space-Time, from the origin to the end of Time in shaping the Universe
Saturday, 5.30 pm
with Mariateresa Crosta (Inaf)

The 100 years that celebrate the IAU foundation also mark the 100 years from the experiment that confirmed Einstein’s theory of gravity, the theory that shapes our Universe over a range of sixty orders of magnitude.

In the past, Astronomy has helped us to perceive and quantify Space and Time, make predictions through observations, and understand the fundamental mechanisms of nature. But Einstein told us that space-time is one elastic continuum, so today’s Astronomy works with new tools to map and explore the Universe, in which even our traditional concept of Time might not exist anymore.

A journey into Extreme Universe
Sunday, 5.30 pm
with Luca Latronico (INFN)

The 100th birthday of IAU occurs at the beginning of a new era of astrophysics, powered by new observations of energetic photons at the extreme boundary of the electromagnetic spectrum and new particle messengers from the cosmos.
Luca Latronico, a researcher from the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics, will guide the audience in a journey towards upcoming discoveries on the Extreme Universe enable by some of the most advanced telescopes operating today on observations of gamma rays and gravitational waves.


Museum ticket is required.
The purchase of a ticket for the show in the planetarium is allowed up to 20 minute before the start of the activities, and until available places.

Museum Ticket
FULL € 8,00
REDUCED € 6,00 for Children 6-18 years old, adults over 60, university students under 25 years with a Smart Card, groups of 15 or more people, affiliated organizations.
FREE for Children under 6 years old, disabled and their carers, Journalists and Torino+Piemonte Card.

Planetarium show (optional)
FULL € 4,00
FREE for Children under 6 years old and Journalists
Disabled people and their carers, owners of Abbonamento Musei or Torino+Piemonte Card: 1 free Planetarium ticket.

Conference IAU100
FREE, until avilable, with Museum ticket.


All the activities are in italian launguage. For enghish tour or shows: info@planetarioditorino.it
The structure of Infini.to does not present architectiual barriers.
Infini.to has FREE parking for cars, motorbikes and buses in via Osservatorio. There are disabled parking areas. Follow the signs and directions from staff.

Star Coffee House

The cafeteria is open during the opening hours of the Museum.

If you want to go to the Cafeteria, you have to buy the Museum ticket.