Look at the Moon

Monday, July 15th

An event organized by La Stampa to talk about the Moon landing and the challenges of the past and the future



7.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.


Talks with:

Attilio Ferrari (President of Infini.to) and Gabriele Beccaria (Journalist of La Stampa)
Moderators Franco Malerba (Astronaut) and Roberto Battiston (Experimental Physics teacher)

Gabriele Beccaria (Journalist of La Stampa)
moderators Walter Cugno (Vice President Exploration and Science Domain in Thales Alenia Space Italia) and Armando Ciampolini (Head of Technical Operations & Programs Directorate in ALTEC S.p.A.)

Maurizio Molinari (Director of La Stampa) and Eleonora Ammannito (Scientifi c Researcher ASI)


Planetarium music show, with Classic Alessandria Orchestra

Guided tour and observations of the sky by Infini.to scientific staff.


The event is FREE.



All the activities are in italian launguage.

The structure of Infini.to does not present architectural barriers.

Infini.to has FREE parking for cars, motorbikes and buses in via Osservatorio. There are disabled parking areas. Follow the signs and directions from staff.