eventi aziendali

Business meetings

The location of Infini.to, on the beautiful hills of Turin, provides spaces and rooms that fit for the organization of workshops, business meetings, conventions, seminars, products launch and company dinners in an unique and charming atmosphere.
You can arrange with the Events Office a customized package to meet your business needs.

To request a quote and arrange a visit, please contact the eventi@planetarioditorino.it.


Basic rental package:

  • max 50 guests + organizers
  • exclusive use of one or more areas of the interactive Museum or the Planetarium
  • scientific staff for a free visit of the Museum
  • reception staff
  • local parking (15 cars)
  • equipment for projection (slide / video) and talks (microphones, sound system)
  • max 3 inspections. In case of external catering the manager has to be present during the inspection


You can also request:

  • guided tour of Museum
  • Planetarium projection
  • direct observation of the sky
  • team building activities
  • external parking (200m, 60/70 cars)
  • shuttle service
  • customized equipments
  • catering service for coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, buffet …
  • gadgets (also customized ones)
  • wi-fi

The interactive Museum

The interactive Museum allows you to touch, feel and experiment in first person to experience directly science, join the joy and games for the understanding of the phenomena that govern the Universe.

Free or guided visit

A series of hands-on exhibits and interactive multimedia displays accompany the visitor on a journey to discover the Universe and the laws that govern it: you learn while having fun. Pedaling in intergalactic space, jumping on the moon, listening to the sounds of distant celestial objects are just some of the experiences that you can try at Infini.to.

Thanks to the guided tour you can be guided, in the various floors of the museum through a selection of interactive stations, by expert communicators with scientific training.

The Planetarium

Through one of the most advanced digital projection systems in the world you can make real trips in the cosmos.

On request we can create custom projections in the Planetarium, including the use of company logos.

In the case of private visits or rental of the premises it is possible to arrange the times and choose the shows from a wide selection of titles.

Direct observation of the sky

Infini.to proposes sessions of direct observation of the sky through a telescope, guided by expert physicists and astrophysicists.

During an evening event, we can arrange a visit and direct observation of the sky on the Infini.to terrace or from the Astrophysical Observatory of Torino, close to the Museum.

The hours for observations change depending on time of year.

The conference rooms

Inside the structure there are several areas that can be used for private events: the Planetarium dome and a lecture room that can be divided into two smaller rooms.

The Planetarium Dome

Inside the Planetarium Dome it is possible to organize conferences, presentations and meetings with audio and video support: the projection screen is the dome itself.
Technical data: maximum capacity of 98 people plus the Staff of Infini.to.



The Didactic Classroom

The Didactic Classroom is equipped with chairs, tables, interactive whiteboard (LIM) and a projection system.
It can be used either as one room or it can be divided into two smaller rooms.
Technical data:maximum capacity as one room 60 people plus the Staff Infini.to; divided the two rooms can each accommodate 30 people plus the staff Infini.to.

Star Coffee House

Thanks to the cafeteria and catering service it is possible to arrange refreshments, coffee breaks, cocktails, buffet and dinner with table service.

The service can be customized to suit your taste and needs.


You can buy astronomical gadgets to include in convention bags or to give directly to your guests. The type and amount of gadgets should be arranged directly when booking, including possible customization.

Among the various items you can find 3D postcards, magnets, celestial charts, books, usb lights, etc.

Useful information

Infini.to can be reached by private transport leaving the bus or the car in the parking lot located in Via Observatory (posted on site).

It is also possible to arrive by public transportation: use the 30 GTT bus line that connects the city of Turin to Chieri, get off at the Observatory stop and follow the signs.

There are also active agreements with local Hotels.

If you are interested ask for details.