To help with career choices through direct knowledge of the world of work and to alternate between study and work as part of an educational process, is willing to accept internship or apprenticeships that university and national and international training institution proposals as provided by law: art. 18 Law 24.06.1997, n. 196 DM 25.03.1998, No. 142 and the specific state / provincial regulations relating to apprenticeships; for the Torino province: art. 4 of L: P: 16/06/1983, n. 19.

A collaboration with the University of Turin and with Institutions of Higher Education allows us to welcome every year students interested in the organization of museum educational activities for a concrete learning experience.

For more information, contact the Education Area.

Education Area
Via Osservatorio 30 – Pino Torinese (TO) – Italy



Planetario di Torino, Museo dell'Astronomia e dello Spazio.
Viaggi spaziali verso Marte,
simulazioni della forza di gravità
su Giove, visioni 3D dell’Universo
e passeggiate tra migliaia di stelle.