Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut

  Mission X is a project created by NASA and ESA, which will be implemented in 2011 as a pilot project in seven European countries in collaboration with the space agencies of the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and England.

Other stars, other planets

The search for extrasolar planets is the search for extraterrestrial life, from the simple to the complex and evolved shape to answer the question: are we alone in the Universe?   Duration 25 minutes WATCH THE TRAILER  

Lamps of Atlantis

The sky above us inspires us and motivates us to understand the phenomena which lie behind the wonders of the cosmos. This curiosity encouraged ancient people to study the celestial vault by building architectural complexes to follow and monitor the sky and the movements of the celestial bodies. Remains of

Lights, sounds and colours of the sky

Mr. Rainbow lives in Variopinto town, where in every season we can see various colors and features. Moreover, also in the sky we can see different objects every month!   Recommended 3 – 7 years   Duration 30 minutes WATCH THE TRAILER  

Planet circus

A unique show articulated in various performances, acrobatics, balancing acts. In the great circus of the Solar System are performing for millions of years, the Sun with its faithful planets and their satellites, asteroids and occasionally some passing comet. Recommended 3 – 8 years   Duration 25 minutes WATCH THE